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Who we are

Our extensive expertise in moving makes your relocation process seamless and cost efficient. We base our moving quotes on our client’s priorities and needs.

Long Distance Movers is  licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation . With our colossal database of hand picked moving companies, we can arrange specialized pricing for the benefit of our clients by utilizing economies of scale, and get you the deal you're searching for. We deal with a high volume of clients and the Moving Companies that we partner with will offer you additional rebates when you arrange your move through us. Whether you book a move specifically through us as a transporter utilizing our own trucks, or contract our services as a broker, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

We offer our knowledge in the moving business to ensure that you get the best arrangement that fits your needs, dealing with all of the examination and pre-screening forms, and arranging rebates with each moving company under our corporate umbrella. Our exploration and pre-screening procedure is comprised of numerous strides, which is important to make your move a satisfactory one. Some of these strides include:

  • Checking the mover's security record, complaint history and notoriety with industry guard dogs and a wide assortment of moving survey sites.

  • Verifying the mover has an active DOT# and legitimate working documentation from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Verifying the mover has the proper insurance coverage for shipments, and property damage.

We are your liaison throughout the course of the move. If for any reason you have any inquiries or concerns, you can contact our accomplished, committed and proficient customer service agents who are willing and able to assist you. Our quality assurance experts will get in touch with you before and after the move to ensure that your move meets your satisfaction.


  • We start arranging your long distance move ASAP
  • We go out of our way to make your moving experience pleasant
  • Discounted long distance moving company
  • All of your information is kept safe and secure
  • We can help you pack and unpack
  • You get 100% support during the move